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true story written by Marina Chapman tells the incredible story of a child raised by monkeys. At age four, a little girl was abducted from her home and then abandoned deep in the Columbian Jungle. While in the jungle half-drugged, terrified, and starving, she came upon a troop of capuchin monkeys. The monkeys embraced this little girl as one of their own, providing food and shelter. Acting entirely on instinct, the girl with no name tried to do what the monkeys did. She ate what they ate and copied their actions, and little by little, learned to fend for herself as a monkey would. For years, this young girl lived like a monkey. She gradually became feral; she lost the ability to speak, lost all inhibition and any real sense of being human. The girl replaced the structure of human society with the social mores of her new untamed monkey family.

One afternoon while the sun was burning low in the sky, looking down the girl saw a light glinting up at her. The strange object was bright enough to break through the green underbrush on the forest floor. It shone brighter than anything she had seen before. The strange object turned out to be a small mirror. The girl had no concept to such an object but found herself intrigued by the brightness. After drawing this strange mirror close to her face, she saw two eyes staring back at her. When she opened her mouth, she saw the same image reflecting back, when she closed her eyes the mirror reflected her eyes closing and opening again. For the first time the girl saw herself. She became aware of how different she looked in the mirror from the monkeys she lived with. The more she looked, the more she realized she was not a monkey but a different animal. One with wide eyes, smooth skin that lacked fur and a tangle of long matted hair. It was as if a door had been forced open in her head.

Have you ever thought that mirrors can be doors that open our minds to see what we could not see before? Mirrors reveal our human reflections. Sometimes we can think we look good only to look in a mirror and gasp at the needed repairs. Most of the time we use our own standards to judge the accuracy of our reflections. Other times we check in with people and get feedback about our looks from them. But there is only one sure measure of human reflection – The word of God. It will always steer you right concerning how you look. This mirror is alive, it changes reflections from year to year, revealing the deeper inner personal changes needed in your life that make up you, the real you. Like it or not the reflection is always accurate.

The good news is, we have a name, and God knows our name. If you are anything like me, you have many mirrors to look in each day. But looking into the real mirror of God’s word is where the true victory, personal reflection, beauty, and deliverance is found.

As you look in your mirror today, how do you look to Jesus?

Prayers & Love,

Michelle Obleton

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