God is not Stingy

God is not Stingy

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”

Did you know that God wants to reveal himself more and more with his children?  We can experience the fullness of God each and every day.  To grow deeper in the knowledge and closeness of God is the inheritance of the believer.  All we need is a desire for “more” of our heavenly father.  Sometimes I believe we settle  for a safe portion of God.  Not too much and not too little.  When we live in the not too zone, we deprive ourselves of the richness and the intimate blessings that come from experiencing God.

Unless we have a personal experience with God, our Christianity will remain plain and even boring! Only experience with God will make our life blessed, more meaningful, stronger, and filled with glory to glory. Our experience with God will bless others as well.

Christian writer, Warren Wiersbe tells a story of an undernourished little boy who was found on the city street and taken to a hospital. After the nurses had bathed him and dressed him, they put him to bed and brought him his dinner tray. 

Conspicuous on that tray was a large glass of milk. The boy’s eyes lit up as he reached for the glass, but then he paused and, looking at the nurses, asked a question that broke their hearts. “Can I drink all of it?”  The good news is that we can drink all of a mighty relationship with our father.  He longs to give all the riches to his children.

Don’t you want to live in the richness of the king of kings and the Lord of Lord’s?  Don’t you want to have fellowship with the creator of the world including you and your loved ones?Then lean into the closeness of God almighty, he is ready to lean into you.  He is not stingy with himself.  There is so much more to drink, and yes you can drink all of it.


Michelle Obleton

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I hope you found this blog helpful & Inspiratonal.  I am married to a remarkable Pastor, so I am honored to participate in ministry alongside him. My greatest contribution to my hubby is my commitment to pray and support him as he leads God’s church and to empower the women of WCC through WINGS and now through blogging.