Are You Living the Rich Life?

Are You Living the Rich Life?

Did you know as Christians we have limitless riches at our disposal and yet we live like paupers?  These riches come from our father in heaven who owns everything.  Not only does God own everything, but his ownership also extends everywhere!  God has provided everything we need, yet we often waste years of our lives trying to obtain things that mean so much less than what is already ours. 

It’s like having a large, beautiful mansion filled with wonderful things. You also have a key that unlocks this beautiful home. But if you don’t use the key, the things inside the house do you no good. God is the key to all spiritual blessings. When we open our heart to all He provides God’s riches becomes our riches. I read this story about a pitiful woman who lived and died without cashing in on her riches.
She had gone down in history as “America’s Greatest Miser. Yet when she died in 1916, “Hetty Green” left an estate valued at over $100 million. She ate cold oatmeal because it cost to heat it. Her son had to suffer a let amputation, because she delayed so long in looking for a free clinic that his case became incurable. She was wealthy yet she chose to live like a pauper. She was so foolish that she hastened her own death by bringing on an attack of apoplexy while arguing about the value of drinking skimmed milk! Hetty Green is an illustration of too many Christian believers today. They have limitless wealth at their disposal, and yet they live like paupers.
As believers we need to know we are the inheritance of God. We are valuable to Him. Think of the price He paid to purchase us and to make us part of His inheritance! “We are joint heirs with Christ” which means He cannot claim His inheritance apart from us.
Paul wrote the book of Ephesian to Christians who forgot their rich inheritance. Every need and concern we have belongs to a loving, kind, rich, forgiving, God who has chosen us to be his redeemed heirs.
Let’s stop living in our own strength and begin to cash in on untold riches that never run out.


Michelle Obleton

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