Back to What?

Dear Heavenly Father,

We are praying that you will take hold of our Fall School engagements.  We pray for the safety of our children across America as they venture out into public institutions.  Father, we know, unless you build the school systems we labor in vain.  We trust in you and you alone.  Amen.

Here we are in the last few days of summer. It appears schools, colleges, and universities all over the country are starting back to another year of academic pursuits. It’s time for school supplies, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, glue sticks and yes, those yellow buses. It really seems too early to me. What happened to schools starting classes after Labor Day? Whether schools are starting early or late back to school is on! So, get ready for what is to come. My prayers have already been in motion for safety in our schools, safety for our teachers, and other school administrators. 

I am sending out a plea for churches, women groups, and other spiritual organizations to begin a warriors battle in prayer for gun violence to cease in America. Our prayer should be that God Himself will intervene in strong ways.
Pray for the power of our God to reign despite the fact we have dismissed Him from our schools.
Pray for the state and government to implement more safety in our schools.
Pray for safety for children attending all learning institutions.
Pray for confidence and security in the hearts of the children and not fear.
Pray for an increase in teachers to fill the gap where so many teachers have left the field of teaching.
Pray for the safety of our school administrators.
Pray for individuals suffering with mental illness that they may get the help they need.
Pray for parents who send their children off each day.

Lately it appears, God has been invited back into schools through community efforts of fasting and prayers. I have attended several gatherings of Christians who believe that unless the Lord builds the schools, we labor in vain. I have even witnessed school officials allowing prayer meetings to take place right on school property. “With God we are a majority”. With God there is victory. With God, It’s good to be alive.


Michelle Obleton

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I hope you found this blog helpful & Inspiratonal.  I am married to a remarkable Pastor, so I am honored to participate in ministry alongside him. My greatest contribution to my hubby is my commitment to pray and support him as he leads God’s church and to empower the women of WCC through WINGS and now through blogging.